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Summer is on its way bringing with it sunshine, warmth, flip flops and cocktails!

As it currently stands, you’re probably using your air conditioning unitfor heating purposes or not at all. In anticipation of all the goodness summer has to bring, it’s a good idea to test yours out to see how it’s running, if it needs any repairs or maintenance, or even if you might need a new one before the big heat hits up.



So, how do you check if everything is working?

  1. Check that your unit is blowing air
    If you turn it on and it isn’t blowing out any air, you don’t have to be an expert to depict that it probably isn’t working. Get in touch with us if you’re worried that your unit may be either broken or in need of some sort of repair.
  2. If air is blowing but it isn’t really cold, check the filter
    Over the months where your unit is left dormant, the filter can clog up which as a result, will affect how cold and how forceful the air coming out of the unit is. If the filter is dirty, simply change it, if not, the fan/blower might be clogged. If you try and clean this yourself, you could potentially run the risk of losing a finger if it turns on and you didn’t turn off the breaker properly so again, give us a call to assist you!
  3. Check for condensation in the pan, drain line and pump
    If the drain is clear, check to see if there’s any mould or algae and if so, pour some bleach through the line. If it can drain to prevent a water flood, the system will trip off.
  4. Is the air that’s blowing out humid?
    If the air coming out of your unit is really humid, when the air blows over the cold coils, it will turn to ice which will unfortunately block the air flow. To fix this, try turning off the unit for a couple of hours and then check to see if the air then comes out cold. This is a particular issue for office units which are turned on during the day and off at night.
  5. Give your AC a test run
    Open all the doors and let the AC run at 76. If it can’t get up to 76 and you’ve tried all of the above steps, it’s time to give us a call!

If your air conditioning unit is getting a bit old and is starting to look a little outdated or sounding a bit noisy, now is the best time of the year to invest in a new one. Over the past few years, air conditioning units have come on leaps and bounds in both functionality and aesthetic and have become a real joy to have in the home or work place, rather than just a necessity. New air conditioning units can offer a much wider range of features such as eco-friendly, anti-allergenic and dust busting as well as being subtle and even aesthetically enhancing. These new, top of the range air conditioning units that we offer are just waiting to be installed in time for summer!




For help or advice with any of the above, please get in contact on: 0800 772 0019