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Gone are the days of having a bulky, unsightly and quite frankly, ugly, air conditioning unit dominating the wall space of your home or office. Step into the modern world of the 21st century where your air con can blend into your interior design as if it was a piece of Picasso 


Thats what modern interior is all about – smart storage and clean cut designs that fuse beautiful aesthetics with appliance practicality. At Breeze Installations, we have a stunning selection of streamlined air con units thatll slide right into your rooms unnoticed but appreciated.

For domestic properties, having an air conditioning unit means you can control your environments climate, whether its cooling in the warmer weather or heating in the winter – they can even control humidity to rid your space of that lingering stuffiness, making your air cleaner.

There are also a great choice of units and where they resonate in your home; wall mounted units are ideal for smaller spaces and are the easiest and cheapest to install and maintain. Floor standing systems are designed for tight spaces where wall or ceiling options arent available. Cassette air con units are most used in offices as they give excellent coverage from being installed on the ceiling of a larger space – however, they are slightly more difficult to install though their longevity works in their favour. Ducted air con units offer ultimate control for your home or office climate; installed above the ceiling void these concealed units are the most expensive, but worth every penny.

With that in mind, you can easily select the unit, style and colour that will best suit your chosen environment and instead of dreading having a big ugly box youll be relieved you added such ease to your home. If you STILL arent wanting your unit on show, there are loads of creative ways to cover, hide or minimise their appearance (though with our sleek range you really wont need to). Weve collated some inspiring designs that use their units in minimalistic interior settings, for a clean and professional look 


Add your system into your decor by fitting it inside a fixture or open cupboard to disguise it. This trick works well particularly if your decor theme is more shabby chic than modern. The air con is barely noticeable in appearance, yet the benefits of having the cool or warm air flow will be instantly rectified.


Similarly, build a wooden vent over the top of your system to allow the free flow of air still, but under more discrete coverage.


if youre moving into a new home or office space and have yet to decorate, you could really go to town and paint your wall to match the colour of your unit, allowing it to blend in!


This interior set up matches the glossy white finish of the air con system with the furnishing and cupboards! A truly minimalistic way to keep your room looking and feeling spacious.