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Here at Breeze installations, we install some simply stunning air conditioning units for our customers. Fortunately for us all, long gone are the days where bulky, off-white and frankly ugly air conditioning units dominated the corner of a room. These days, air conditioning units are designed to fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of a room by either blending in with the décor or adding something to the room with their sleek and attractive, state of the art designs.

We sell and install as host of good looking air conditioning units which don’t compromise on functionality; three in particular which we consider to be the best looking air conditioning units of 2016. The aesthetic competition between air conditioning producers these days is fierce. Designers from the big companies such as  Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic are frantically crafting more attractive and more appealing air conditioning units to try and be the best in the industry. As a result of this harsh competition, the outcome has been exceptional, giving us the beautiful units we are able to provide you with today.

So, what are our 3 best looking air conditioning units of 2016?

1. Daikin Emura


Daikin strongly believe that design is everything. This devotion to their design is what sparks their gorgeous appearance and truly elegant climate control. They use smart technology to ensure that all their Emura air conditioning units provide their owners with ultimate climate comfort for contemporary interiors. It’s not surprise that the Daikin Emura is the winner of world renowned 2014 Red Dot Aware for Product Design.

Impressively, Daikin are listed in the Forbes Top 100 of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. This global reputation for high standards and strong innovation has been honed over 90 years of hard work and the creation of quality air conditioning solutions for both commercial and residential environments. Daikin market themselves as designing their air conditioning units ‘in Europe, for Europe’, tailoring their designs to the European market.

The Daikin Emura is the product of lengthy and ongoing research into creating the absolute best air conditioning solutions for European interiors. First released in 2010, the iconic, wall –mounted Emura redefined the concept of climate control throughout European interior design. The most recent generation of the unit boasts even better functionality than ever before, bringing it to the forefront of European architectural aesthetics, user demands and technical standards.

Whilst it’s easy to see why we love the Daikin Emura so much because of it’s stunning appearance, it also offers some of the most high tech solutions to energy efficiency and climate control:



· Air-to-air heat pumps extract 80% of their output energy

  • Offers advanced energy saving technologies

· Stylish finish in silver, pure matt white or anthracite

· Has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of up to 8.5

  • Incredibly quiet sound levels
  • Eligible for tax relief
  • Ranges from temperatures of -10 to 46°C for cooling purposes and -15 to 20°C for heating
  • Has a remote control option
  • Night set mode

2-Area Intelligent Eye
The Daikin Emura is famous not only for it’s chic and attractive looks, but also for its highly intelligent system. An example of this is its two-area intelligent eye senor which controls and manages ultimate comfort in two ways…

If the room in which the unit is in is empty for 20 minutes, it will automatically alter the set point to start saving energy. Once someone enters back into the room, it will return back to the original setting. This intelligent eye also purposefully directs air flow away from people in order to avoid cool draughts.

Clean Air
In order to ensure a comfortable temperature throughout the whole room, the Daikin Emura’s 3D Air Flow System creates an even distribution of air in the room through a mixture of horizontal, vertical and auto-swing louvres.

Just as impressive, is the unit’s ability to purify eye down to the smallest bit of microscopic airborne dust particles which not only breaks down odours, but also absorbs organic contaminants like viruses and bacteria.



2. Mitsubishi Kirigamine Zen


The new Mitsubishi Kirigamine Zen has been specifically designed for the purpose of complimenting contemporary architecture without sacrificing flawless functionality. This unit has been known to satisfy even the most pedantic of design requirements in interior design. Priding themselves on being a pioneer in the new look of premium design wall-mounted units, it really is an epitome of technology at its finest.

One of its newest and most innovative functions is its ability to control the climate and environment in your home/workplace even when you’re not there. By using the MeLcloud, cloud based control, you can effortlessly control your appliances from outside the house or from the sofa from your PC, tablet or smartphone. Connected to your Wi-Fi, the MeLcloud app is free from any app store.

Colour Options
The Mitsubishi Kirigamine Zen, comes in a gradient of different colours:


This gives you the option of have the lightness of white, elegance of the high-gloss black or a real classic look in the matt silver, all designed to blend naturally into your own interior design. The appearance of these premium air conditioners epitomises sophistication and quality whilst also combining impressively low energy consumption and quiet sound levels.


Why go for white? White is clean, sleek and discreet; particularly on the Kirigamine Zen. It has a bright and almost friendly ambience to it which is great for making an environment full of light. With whisper quiet sound levels, the white Kirigamine Zen is ideal for domestic and work environments.




Black exudes timeless elegance to any sophisticated interior. This is a stylish and stunning design which conceals inside it’s beautiful walls, state of the art technology which achieve maximum efficiency due to their inverter technology.



The silver unit is ideal for a sophisticated business environment. The flawless aesthetic fits in with technical equipment whilst creating a tranquil feel to the rest of the room. It also filters air, creating a fresh and pleasant atmosphere wherever you decide to mount it.


Design vs Functionality

Sometimes, one or other has to give, but in the case of Kirigamine Zen, both are faultless. The flat and well proportioned design stays the same throughout operation other than when the slim air control blade opens and closes when turned on and off.

Another perk, is the intelligent remote control which means you can alter your personal environment’s climate at any time of he day or night; helping to keep the unit energy-saving.


3. Panasonic Ethera


A definite favourite of ours here at Breeze Installations, the very green, energy efficient Panasonic Ethera is a beautifully design piece of technology. Priding itself on its energy saving nature, the brand new Panasonic Ethera Econavi features intelligent human activity sensor and sunlight sensors which optimise air conditioning operation according to room conditions.


At the centre of environmentally friendly and energy efficient air conditioning, is the Panasoonic Ethera. It offers high seasonal coefficiency of performance which gives you the best operating efficiency whilst enjoying lower electricity bills and contributes to environmental protection. Similarly, these are super quiet, meaning no noise pollution in or outside your home.


In 2013, the Ethera won a prestigious design award, the iF Product Design Award for product design excellence. The iF Product Design Award judge products by a strict criteria based around aesthetic, functionality and environmental impact. Showing innovative design, the award dubbed Panasonic Ethera the ideal air conditioning unit for domestic, residential and other localised installations.


· Internet control – can control your air conditioning wherever you are at home whilst ensuring lowest energy consumption. This is a next generation system which is incredibly user friendly and can heat pump units from anyway using a smartphone, tablet or PC as long as you have Wi-Fi.

· Easy Installation – the Ethera has a simple installation process for the installation of the unit and to connect the internet control device to the air conditioner heat pump and Wi-Fi access point.