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In the past, air conditioning units were scarcely found in UK homes and were mostly only in commercial buildings such as offices and shopping centres. In more recent years, a growing number of air conditioning units have been installed into living rooms, halls, kitchens and bedrooms. Once seen as a luxury item, home air conditioning units are now becoming a common household appliance that many people rely on for their comfort and home happiness.

Here at Breeze Installations, we’ve seen a huge increase in requests for home installations as the prices, quality and general air con technology has taken a huge leap in advancement. So why exactly has home air conditioning become so popular in recent years?

As is the draw for most people, price has played a huge part in the demand increase. Air conditioning units were once a costly technology that were considered an appliance only for the wealthy or non-UK countries. However, as more air conditioners have been brought into the market, creating a more competitive marketplace, prices have become lower and quality has gone up. As a result, unsurprisingly, air conditioning has become more commonplace in the home.

Air conditioning units used to be big, bulky, take up a lot of space and were not particularly household friendly (for regular size houses anyway). As a result, air conditioning was not a practical appliance to have at home as it tended to dominate a room. As well as its size, the sound made by air conditioning units was also very intruding and pretty obnoxious which made them unpleasant to have around and make room for.


Aesthetically Pleasing
Similarly to the issue of air conditioning size, their general appearance was also a turn off. You want the applications in your home to match the interior design and look attractive and not bring down the aesthetic of your home environment. This was a problem identified relatively early on in the home air conditioning suppliers’ industry and they’ve been working on it ever since. As a result, some incredibly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing products have taken the market by storm and set a high bar for any future suppliers entering into the air conditioning game.


In a forever eco-conscious growing world, having eco-friendly appliances is crucial. Being eco-friendly is a huge selling point for air conditioning units and has had a big affect on the industry, encouraging more and more suppliers to incorporate an eco-friendly system into their units. Undoubtedly this is a really positive thing for the environment as well as the air conditioning industry and is what has eliminated the fear of air conditioning units really damaging our world.

Energy Efficient
In the past, air conditioning units have been known to be not particularly energy efficient and can significantly bring up the cost of household bills. Identified as a real downer on air conditioning sales, companies have been frantically working to make their units more and more energy efficient. As technologies have advanced, this has been achieved and prices continue to drop every year with new models showing off their new, smaller price tags.