Leasing your Air Conditioning System

You may be wondering about the benefits of leasing air conditioning units for your home or business. At Breeze Installations, we provide quality leasing plans that can help you have the best air conditioning at the lowest prices, all managed in a plan to suit you.

Here are some of the great benefits to leasing air conditioning systems.

Valuable tax-free advantages

By leasing, you are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits, however when buying air conditioning units outright, you are allowing your purchases to simply depreciate. For more information on leasing air conditioning units, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Breeze Installations. We offer a no-obligation discussion, so we can tailor-fit to our customers’ requirements.


Accelerate return on investment

At Breeze Installations, we fully understand that air conditioning technology can be a huge investment. Through leasing and spreading the cost of the equipment and installation, this becomes more affordable meaning you can quickly appreciate the benefits. For example, in an office, having proper temperature control means that your staff will work more efficiently. For a restaurant, a good climate will allow customers to enjoy relaxing in that space and will make a frantic service more bearable for busy staff.

Future-proof your organisation

What type of equipment would your business use if budget was not such a worry? Leasing spreads financial cost over the working life of assets making it more affordable than putting down a lump sum. This allows you to upgrade your air conditioning equipment when you want to and fully take advantage of the most productive and efficient technology currently available. Don’t spend months or years saving for the air conditioning units that you really need when you can easily get the equipment you need today through leasing.

Simplify your budgeting and forecasting

At Breeze Installations, your leasing rate is fixed and is not subject to rate changes. Therefore, you can rest assured that throughout the duration of the contract, you will know where you stand. This allows you to easily manage budgets and cash flow projections for your business, with no hidden, nasty surprises. Leasing can help you manage your cash more effectively with payments to suit your personal cash flow. Please contact us for details.

Save your cash for other expenses

Air conditioning may not be the highest on your priority list, however leasing allows you to save your valuable cash which may be better invested elsewhere. It also means that additional credit from your banking facilities can remain intact for other uses. By leasing and not buying you can relieve the strain and worry of large upfront costs.