Commercial air conditioning is the solution for small businesses and large, blue-chip organisations wanting to improve the work environment and increase productivity in employees.

Our engineers provide air conditioning, installation, servicing, repair and maintenance work for all types of commercial premises.

Our quality systems have a wide range of applications, including:

  • Offices
  • Server Rooms
  • Pubs and Night Clubs
  • Retail Outlets
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial Units
  • Doctors and Dentists
  • Residential installations


Commercial air conditioning puts the power at your fingertips. You can control your workspace temperature and provide the ideal conditions for your workforce.

All businesses are looking to increase profit margins while reducing environmental impact. With A-rated air conditioning, you can reduce your annual costs significantly and do your bit for the planet.

The latest technology in commercial air conditioning will ensure optimum performance from both your staff and your computer equipment.

Our experts will help you choose the best air conditioning for your premises, and provide support to ensure its efficiency throughout the lifetime of the system.


With so many commercial air conditioning systems on the market, you’ll need a specialist to ensure that you choose the right solution for your business.

Air conditioning comes with a range of features and functions to suit different requirements, such as room size and air quality.

If you can’t figure out what type of refrigerant gas you’ll need, or which compressor kilowatt rating will give you the best outcome, don’t worry. Our specialists will ensure you get the most from your air conditioning with units that combine quality and affordability.

Our team are here to answer all your questions and we’ll be happy to carry out an assessment to see which air con system will be best for you.

Contact us for advice on 0800 772 0019 or email our service team for help.