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The Daikin Infinity Premium Series is a new to the market air conditioning system and we’re very pleased to be able to install it for you!

Having won the Good Design Award 2015 from Japan for its excellent design, unusual innovation and exciting creativity, the  Daikin Infinity Premium Series has been recognised as a big player in the incredibly competitive air conditioning game. With a bunch of brand new and exciting features and functionalities, Daikin is ranking up there with Panasonic and the likes for the first time in a while.

So what are these new, all so impressive features?

Inverter Wall Mounted

Working along the same lines as Daikin’s famous Standard Series, the Infinity Premium Series is also wall mounted, creating  that ‘blend of style and functionality’ Daikin are so proud of. The Infinity Series boasts autonomous beauty whilst still effortlessly fitting in with any interior design scheme. It also saves space, making the unit suitable for any type of lifestyle and room décor changes.

This unit has a glossy, pearl white finish and a curved contour profile to avoid a bulky or flat looking appearance which will help it match with any interior. It also has a contemporary luminescent light which indicates cool modes, meaning that it is obvious from a distance but also incredibly subtle and not intruding.

Wireless Controller

Daikin pride themselves on their elegant, stylish and ergonomic wireless air conditioning controllers. These boast a large LCD screen with a back light, buttons with options for a powerful setting and an eco setting and LED buttons to deactivate the air conditioner’s light. There is also a glow in the dark on/off button specially for use at night to ensure you always have easy access to your temperature control.

Highly Intelligent System

The Daikin Infinity Premium Series system has incredibly innovative features and an Intelligent Sense which comes from a passive infrared sensor (PIR). This, combined with a highly sophisticated algorithm control, Infinity’s Intelligent Sense has been able to help with both comfort and energy saving. The intelligent Sense paired with its infrared sensor can make auto-adjustments on the unit’s temperature, the fan speed as well as the air flow direction – that’s right, wherever you move, it moves too. This results in optimum comfort, spot cooling and energy wastage reduction… Without even having to touch the settings.

Clean Air

The Infinity series uses i-guard to create better indoor air quality achieved by a sophisticated titanium apatite photo-catalytic air purification filter. This catches even the smallest of microscopic airborne dust particles whilst absorbing organic contaminants such as viruses, bacteria and odor!

The photo-catalytic air purifying filter is a new deoderising and antibacterial technology and Daikin was the first to lead the movement in applying this to the filters used in air conditioners – quite a legacy. Since then, Daikin’s success with this has set a precedent for other manufacturers in various industries with them adopting similar antibacterial products.

Titanium Apatite Photo-catalytic Air-Purifying Filter

Whilst this filter is incredibly effective, it’s important to remember that it is not a medical device. Benefits such as the adsorption and decomposition of bacteria are only effective for substances which are directly attached to the Titanium Apatite Photo-catalytic Air-Purifying Filter.


Innovative technology is one key factor in Daikin’s growing popularity. The Daikin Infinity Premium Series holds some of the world’s newest and most efficient technology which is pushing its success. With specialist micro-level dust trapping fibres and a titanium apatite, this stunning unit has insane absorption capabilities that allow it to not only grab all the bacteria in the air but also decompose it without leaving a trace.

I-Plasma Technology

Not only does the Daikin Premium Series air conditioning units hold some of the world’s most innovative technologies, but also boasts the very unique i-plasma technology.

Daikin pride themselves on going one step further with the technology they put into their air conditioning units and the Infinity Premium Series is no exception. The Infinity emits over 100 positive and negative ions which aim to sterilise the air and destroy any bacteria that may be lingering around and better yet, it is the only unit on the market that can do so!

If you’re interested in purchasing and installing a Daikin Infinity Premium series air conditioning unit, please get it in touch!