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Traditionally, air conditioning units have not been renowned for their beauty or aesthetics. In fact, they were usually considered to be quite the opposite – unattractive, bulky and almost dirty looking appliances which you wanted to hide away in your home or the office.

As with all electronic devices and appliances, technology has led us to create smaller, more attractive and less offensive looking appliances which make them a joy to have. This has been a steady process but progress is happening all the time and more innovative ways are being discovered to make air conditioning units look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Here at Breeze Installations, we fit some incredibly sleek and attractive units which actually add to the aesthetics of a room rather than dominate it in a negative way. However, as we all know, it hasn’t always been this way so we’ve decided to create a timeline to show you how much air conditioning units have improved in their looks (as well as functionality of course!)


This was the first modern air conditioning unit to ever be made. It was in fact used a dehumidifier for a working plant rather than for general cooling purposes but this is where the air conditioning units we know today came from. Previous to this, there have been attempts made at sort of air conditioning units all the way from Egyptian times through to the 2nd centaury and the 17th centaury. However, none of those inventions resembled anything like today’s machines.




In the interim, several air conditioning units were trialled but dismissed due their toxic and flammable gases like ammonia, methyl chloride sparks and propane. Instead, Thomas Midgley Jr. created a safer air conditioning unit which was then used in residential, industrial and commercial areas. As you can see, although it is less bulky than the 1902 version, it still looks like a telephone box stuck in a living room.




In 1946, there became a huge increase in demand for residential air conditioners with over 30,000 being sold in just this year. As a result, the design had to be made more portable, and made to fit in with residential homes. The result was to create an inoffensively neutral coloured electronic device that would try and blend into the background as much as possible. Although, evidently, it still looks pretty darn ugly.




In 1957, the first rotary compressor was produced. This made air conditioning units smaller and also more efficient. The aesthetic result was a more compact but more stylised unit which was on the cutting edge of modern technology. By today’s standards, they almost look like speakers!




Kyoto Protocol legally signed and agreed to protect the earth’s climate by reducing greenhouse gases. As a result, air conditioners all over the world had to be adjusted to be eco-friendlier and energy efficient. By this point, designers had mainly settled on white appliances which were able to be either indoors or outdoors and not clash horribly with any décor.




The latest air conditioner technology has managed to create beautiful and high functioning air conditioning units such as this one from Mitsubishi. Modern designs have adapted their appearance so much that they are now an asset to any room. These sleek, chic and stunning designs make air conditioning units a real thrill to have in the home or office. Due to the intense competition between companies these days to create the best product at the best value, this has encouraged progress within the air conditioning unit industry and the result of all this hard work and competiveness are products like this – top of the range, beautiful, luxury, high functioning, good value air conditioning units.


We install stunning units such as this so please get in touch if you would like our help!