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Over the years, air conditioning units have come a long way. Gone are the days where bulky, loud and frankly ugly air conditioning units were placed into living rooms to blow out cold air, make a lot of noise and cost the users an absolute fortune.

Thankfully, technological advances have led us away from these relatively offensive machines and, as is the case with plenty of other electrical technologies today, have taken us to the world of dynamic, cool and pretty good looking air con units.

Air conditioning units today are available in a variety of styles, sizes, special features and cost effectiveness. From energy saving to anti-allergy, there are air conditioning units available for practically every single need (including heating).

One newer type of air conditioner that we have started to install a lot of, are wall air conditioning units. Generally, the new wall air conditioning units are starting to peak in popularity because of their dynamic functionality and pleasing aesthetic. Modern wall units from companies such as Panasonic and the Zen Series, have created them to compliment modern interior décor and are suitable for a selection of applications.

With modern day wall units, comes the modern day features such as ‘A’ energy labels, silent mode, timers, antibacterial filters and deodorising effects. Competition between companies is high which is helping to push air conditioner companies even further in their designs and features which is great for consumers!

The newest wall air conditioning units boast some very impressive and innovative designs including:
– Area search
– Activity detection
–  Absence detection
– Sunlight detection

Due to their placement higher up on the wall, not only do they save space/can be relatively well hidden/ produce a more natural feeling air movement due to coming from above, their location also allows them to have such features as these. The area search in particular is a fantastic new feature which makes the cooling/heating process more efficient by hunting out the movement in the room and then aiming the air at that movement.

Another fantastic aspect of wall air conditioning units, are how easy they are to clean and maintain. Compared to central air conditioning units, wall air conditioning units are a dream. They only need to be cleaned and have their filters changed once every few months or even less. This process is cheap, easy and not time consuming at all.

So, there are a few primary advantages to having a wall air conditioning unit. These units are available from a variety of different outlets in a range of different colours, styles, prices and functionality.