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As one of the world’s leading air conditioning manufacturers, Panasonic’s new commercial range of air conditioning is one to keep an eye on.

Panasonic have released previous models suitable for commercial use but none as efficient and eco-friendly as this latest range. This new innovation from Panasonic has created waves in the air conditioning ocean, setting the bar higher than ever before.

There are 3 types of commercial air conditioning units in this range: Commercial Single, Commercial Ventilation and Commercial PACi Twin, Triple and Double-Twin System.

Commercial Single
These systems are designed to be used in commercial applications with 1 to 1 combinations – 1 indoor unit and 1 outdoor unit. There are several types of indoor units to choose from: Ceiling, Wall, Duct and Cassette and within these variations, are different kW options.


Commercial Ventilation
This selection of of commercial air conditioning units increase the efficiency of installation due to the use of AHU ventilation and air curtains. Panasonic offer air curtains with DX coils in a variety of HP options, air handling unit kits at 10-25kW and electrical air curtains.

Commercial PACi Twin, Triple and Double-Twin System
This type of commercial air conditioning is suited to installation in larger areas as they can offer a variety of possible combinations. By using a single outdoor unit which serves a few indoor units which is able to provide a service using a mixture of system, this range can mix Cassette, Duct, Wall and Ceiling indoor units. The advantages to this are that there is a quiet indoor atmosphere with increased temperature flexibility and control.


The range has put the Commercial PACi Twin, Trip and Double-Twin System in the spotlight due to its high quality design and meticulous engineering. The range boasts quality with a limited budget, making it a very attractive option for big businesses and small businesses alike. Similarly, the PACi is compact in size and surprisingly light which makes it easy to install and suitable for any smaller areas.

The energy saving aspect of the PACi range comes from the application of the energy efficacy design of fans, fan motors, compressors and head exchangers. This has meant it has a high COP value, ranking as one of the top class in the industry. Similarly, this energy efficient nature of the air conditioning unis results in lower CO2 emission and operating costs.

Panasonic have also released a new remote controller for PACi and VRF, equipped with their infamous Econavi function control. This easy to use remote prides itself on a clear design which integrates seamlessly into a number of different interior design schemes. It also offers energy consumption display based on pictograms for easy understanding. The remote also offers brand new demand control features including:
– Easy set up of timer and settings
– Energy consumption display
– Demand control achieved with the use of a timer

Here at Breeze Installations we’re seriously impressed by Panasonic’s new commercial range and are excited to have it stock! If you have questions or would like to enquire about having one of these installed, get a quote here.