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Many air conditioning users do not realise that using your air conditioning system does not affect the refrigerant gas level inside it. In fact, if conditions were ideal it would never need to re-gas an air conditioning unit.

If the level of gas is low that means that there could be a leak in the air conditioning system. Most recently manufactured air conditioning units have connections which are welded to minimise leaks. However older units have mechanically connected fittings which can move around and cause a leak. It can be tricky to discover where the gas leak may be coming form on an air conditioning unit. There are a few ways that you can check for and fix gas leaks from your air conditioning unit.  We recommend that you always get a professional to perform these tests, however it may be useful for you to understand their methods.

Refrigerant leak detection methods

Using a sensitive instrument that detects gas is a useful way to quickly find refrigerant gas leaks on air conditioning systems. There are other methods for locating leaks such as a thorough visual inspection. Signs of gas leaks include stains or discoloration.


Should you just refill your refrigerant?

If you know that the refrigerant level is low or zero, don’t just allow an air conditioning maintenance company to re-charge the system. They need to find and fix the refrigerant leak. While it’s quick (and cheap) to just add refrigerant to a system this will not solve the long term problem.


What are the correct methods for different types of leaks?
In an emergency, such as a supermarket that has to keep cool. You may find the technician will just add refrigerant as a short term solution, but the proper method is to find and fix the refrigerant leak. There are different methods for different places that the leak is occurring.


Leak in the valve

If the refrigerant gas leak is in a valve or access port, the valves may need to be cleaned or replaced.


Leak in the heat pump copper tubing

You will need a repair though it should be quite simple. The damaged line is re-soldered using high silver content solder. A damaged section of refrigerant line may need to be cut out and replaced. Your air conditioning maintenance expert will be able to analyse the type of procedure that is necessary.

Leak in the evaporator coil

If the refrigerant gas leak is in the condensing coil or in the evaporator coil, repair may not be possible. Your air conditioning maintenance expert will be able to provide you with more information.

Breeze Installations recommends that you should also get an air conditioning professional to advise you on any maintenance or repairs.  If you have a commercial or private property in the UK that needs a professional air conditioning service then feel free to contact Breeze Installations at any time or visit us on our Facebook page.