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server room air conditioning Server room air conditioning air the back bone to businesses

Server room air conditioning is the most important type of air conditioning for your business.

If you have just a simple split type system to contend with the small amount of server systems or a much more elaborate tower racking system breeze installations ltd only use the specially designed systems available on the market.

Panasonics commercial PACI systems are typically designed to contend with this particular environment.

Ranging from a small system for 2.5kw of cooling power right up to 14 kw system. Panasonic air conditioning has a wide variety of suitable systems to suit all aspects of server room requirements.

These high efficient air conditioning systems are a must in today’s climate, with a seer of 7.10 (seasonal energy efficient rating).

We can also incorporate a free cooling solution, this is where we install a system that uses the out side ambient temperature, eliminating the need for mechanical cooling in the winter.

For example, 2 systems are running a server room both systems are a 7 kw giving you 14 kw total cooling power.

Systems are running throughout the summer period or when the temperature out side is above 18 degrees c, when the temperature drops below 16 digrees, free cooling kicks in by using the outside air. Eliminating the need for mechanical cooling and reducing your carbon footprint.

At Breeze Installations Ltd we are actively looking at new technologies to less our impact on the climate.

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