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Here at Breeze Installations, our air conditioning supply and fit service takes away the hassle of buying and installing an air conditioner yourself. 

Our team has a vast array of knowledge and experience and have installed thousands of air conditioning systems across Birmingham, the West Midlands and the wider UK. We ensure you get the best service and offer great value for money, with low cost to install.

Whether you need a floor standing, ducted, ceiling suspended or wall mounted air conditioning system for your home, office or business, speak to us and we can help.


How much to fit air conditioning in the UK?


When looking for air con’s, most clients begin with portable air conditioning units. They look at these as they believe them to be a quick and efficient option to provide cool air in the summer, much like a small convector heater would in the winter. However, whilst there are some great options on the market for portable air conditioners, there are some reasons to consider a fixed system in the property.

Whilst the initial installation costs are higher, if you have a room which is always warm during the summer because then it may be worth considering installing an air conditioner. It can be more efficient and bring running costs down over a portable air conditioner or having a window open.

Fixed air conditions are also much quieter than portable air conditioning. With more people working from home, if your office space gets warm in the summer then a fixed air conditioner can make it more comfortable for focussed work. Not only that, most fixed systems have remote controls which provide additional features such as fan speed, humidity and timers. 

Many people also don’t realise they can be used to heat their home, office or business in the winter too.

There are two main types of fixed air conditioner systems that can be fitted - a ducted system or a split air conditioner system. A ducted system has a fan attached outside the home with the outlet ducted to the ceiling. This allows the cold air into the room and the warmer air to be vented out.

On the other hand, there is the option to install an air conditioning system that is wall-mounted or “split air”. These consist of an indoor unit being fitted in the room, usually above head height, that circulates air over a refrigerant to cool it down. The two systems have different pros and cons which we will be able to discuss with you to help you decide on the best one for your needs.

The average cost of air conditioning installed depends on a number of factors. For example, the house itself and the dimensions of the room you need to cool, as well as the type of system you want to install and if you require any additional features. There are also the costs of running the system which we can help you to calculate with our handy air con power calculator.

All of our quotes are bespoke to your needs and requirements so for an initial chat get in touch with us using the contact form below, or call 0800 772 0019.


Why choose Breeze Installations?


Breeze Installations offer domestic and commercial air conditioning services across Birmingham, the West Midlands and the wider UK. Our commercial clients operate in a wide variety of sectors including veterinary practices, offices, shops, restaurants, hospitals, GP surgeries and more.

We work with a wide range of manufacturing partners including LG, Toshiba, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Daikin and Hitachi so you can be sure that we have knowledge of various air systems.

To offer you peace of mind, all of our work includes a comprehensive 7 year warranty on all of our newly fitted systems. We also provide annual maintenance packages carried out by fully qualified engineers to ensure that your air conditioning system works for years to come. All of our maintenance is also ensured with F-Gas certification.

Speak to us on 0800 772 0019 about your air conditioning needs and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you.