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air conditioning maintenance

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Gone are the days of having a bulky, unsightly and quite frankly, ugly, air conditioning unit dominating the wall space of your home or office. Step into the modern world of the 21st century where your air con can blend into your interior design as if it was a piece of Picasso 

In the past, air conditioning units were scarcely found in UK homes and were mostly only in commercial buildings such as offices and shopping centres. In more recent years, a growing number of air conditioning units have been installed into living rooms, halls, kitchens and bedrooms. Once seen as a luxury item, home air conditioning units are now becoming a common household appliance that many people rely on for their comfort and home happiness.

The Daikin Infinity Premium Series is a new to the market air conditioning system and we’re very pleased to be able to install it for you!

As one of the world’s leading air conditioning manufacturers, Panasonic’s new commercial range of air conditioning is one to keep an eye on.

Summer is on its way bringing with it sunshine, warmth, flip flops and cocktails! 

As it currently stands, you’re probably using your air conditioning unit for heating purposes or not at all. In anticipation of all the goodness summer has to bring, it’s a good idea to test yours out to see how it’s running, if it needs any repairs or maintenance, or even if you might need a new one before the big heat hits up.

An Insightful Guide to Panasonic’s R32 Models

Heading to Europe

The innovative new Panasonic model, the R32, released in Japan is ready to make the big expedition across to Europe. After being introduced to the Nordic Market in September 2015, it’s incredible A+++/A+++ HZ-Series has made these air conditioning units desirable across the rest of Europe and will therefore be available in the next few months.

In order to to make sure these new, pioneering refrigerants are used to their maximum efficiency, Panasonic are giving comprehensive and extensive training and information on R23. This is will make sure that distributors and installers (like ourselves) are experts in the new technology.


Here at Breeze installations, we install some simply stunning air conditioning units for our customers. Fortunately for us all, long gone are the days where bulky, off-white and frankly ugly air conditioning units dominated the corner of a room. These days, air conditioning units are designed to fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of a room by either blending in with the décor or adding something to the room with their sleek and attractive, state of the art designs.

We sell and install as host of good looking air conditioning units which don’t compromise on functionality; three in particular which we consider to be the best looking air conditioning units of 2016. The aesthetic competition between air conditioning producers these days is fierce. Designers from the big companies such as  Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic are frantically crafting more attractive and more appealing air conditioning units to try and be the best in the industry. As a result of this harsh competition, the outcome has been exceptional, giving us the beautiful units we are able to provide you with today.

So, what are our 3 best looking air conditioning units of 2016?

Traditionally, air conditioning units have not been renowned for their beauty or aesthetics. In fact, they were usually considered to be quite the opposite – unattractive, bulky and almost dirty looking appliances which you wanted to hide away in your home or the office.

As with all electronic devices and appliances, technology has led us to create smaller, more attractive and less offensive looking appliances which make them a joy to have. This has been a steady process but progress is happening all the time and more innovative ways are being discovered to make air conditioning units look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Here at Breeze Installations, we fit some incredibly sleek and attractive units which actually add to the aesthetics of a room rather than dominate it in a negative way. However, as we all know, it hasn’t always been this way so we’ve decided to create a timeline to show you how much air conditioning units have improved in their looks (as well as functionality of course!)


Over the years, air conditioning units have come a long way. Gone are the days where bulky, loud and frankly ugly air conditioning units were placed into living rooms to blow out cold air, make a lot of noise and cost the users an absolute fortune. 

Thankfully, technological advances have led us away from these relatively offensive machines and, as is the case with plenty of other electrical technologies today, have taken us to the world of dynamic, cool and pretty good looking air con units. 

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficient air conditioners are ones which require less energy than inefficient ones whilst still performing to the same standards. As a result, efficient air conditioners are cheaper to run and save you money each time they’re used.

COP (coefficient of performance) and EER (energy efficiency ratio) are the terms used to explain the heating and cooling efficiency of air conditioners and tell us the ratio of heating or cooling generated by an air conditioning unit relative to the amount of electrical input that is needed to make it work.

The higher the COP and EER, the more energy efficient the unit is and it is now a legal requirement that all air conditioners are labelled to indicate how energy efficient the unit is.


“Breeze have installed a large number of aircon units for us, and are now starting to service them 1 year on. They are professional, knowledgeable, quick, tidy and friendly. Highly recommended.”

S Ashman

“We have used Breeze Installations for our air con maintenance and services. We have also used them for new installations and they are very reliable and always complete work to a high standard.”

Jon Higgins

“Breeze helped us out massively last summer. We needed our air conditioning units refurbished. They provided a fantastic service and were a pleasure to work with. Will certainly be using them again ”

Jason Stokes